Pimp Your Treestand


Today we have a guest post from Wired To Hunt blogger Mark Kenyon. Mark recently came out with an Ebook called “Rules of the Rut” – you can check it out here! Mark has gained a nice following on his blog, which is unquestionably the leading whitetail blog on the interwebs.  You may recall an interview I did with Mark a couple of years ago – you can read that here.  Today’s post if an excerpt from Marks book, and I highly suggest you check it out!

Pimp” Your Treestand For The Rut

By Mark Kenyon

My apologies for the early 2000’s, lame MTV show reference – but I just couldn’t help myself. If you’re not familiar with the MTV television show, circa 2004, titled “Pimp My Ride”, let me give you a little background. This show involved someones old beater car being sent in to “West Coast Customs Bodyshop”, where it would be restored and customized into a one of a kind, unbelievably awesome vehicle.

While I don’t intend on giving you any car advice today (trust me – you wouldn’t want that), I do think I can offer some solid ways that you can “pimp” your treestand just in time for the rut.

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Deer Hunting Inside Corners – 3 Tips

Deer hunting the terrain is a very, very effective way to get in front of whitetails. One of the best ways to deer hunt the terrain, is to hunt inside corners. When hunted the right way – these spots can provide action at all times of the year….but especially during the next 5-6 weeks, when bucks will be cruising trying to cover lots of ground, in search of lonely does. That said, inside corners are TRICKY to hunt. The 3 tips below highlight ways to tackle inside corners more effectively.   (Continue Reading…)

2013 Turkey Season Dates For Each State (Shotgun Rifle Muzzleloader Bow)

Well, here it is. I have a ton of time into this blog post. This is a list of every state, and a direct link to the turkey hunting info for their state. Many, many turkey hunters every year chase these wily birds across many states -and the rules, turkey season dates, and information can get crossed easily. So if you are a traveling turkey hunter – I’d suggest book marking this puppy. :D (Continue Reading…)