2011 Year in Review for Outdoor Freaks

Well, a new year is finally upon us! What a great time we had in 2011. Lots of time spent outdoors with wonderful family and friends. Even caught a few fish and got some meat on the ground!


Below are a few pictures of what transpired in 2011. I look forward to bringing you more interesting outdoor information, in the year to come!



Locked Whitetail Bucks in the Midwest!

A week ago today, something I’ll never forget happened.

I had been in the office literally 10 minutes when my phone rang.

It was Grandpa, who left the cabin earlier for the woods.

Grandpa – “You’ll never believe what just happened.”

Me – “Everything OK?.”

Grandpa – “I just shot two bucks and they were locked together.”

Me – “Holy ****! I’ll be right there!”

If you’ve ever have the chance to walk up on a 70 year old man who just shot two bucks locked together…..I highly recommend you do it. He was just as shocked as I was! After a couple of high – fives and hugs, we got the deer loaded in the trailer and up the hill.

If you ever have a chance to load and field dress two big bodied bucks that are locked together……pass on it! What a pain in the butt. Can’t roll the deer over, you have to load and reload the truck with essentially 10 feet and 450 pounds of dead weight. That’s my kind of work!

One of the most rare things about this occurance, was that both deer were alive, and in very good shape when they struggled past Grandpa. Most often, hunters find these deer in either poor and distressed shape, or dead. Grandpa also shot these deer only a couple of yards away from a ditch, where they would have undoubtedly fell into, and suffered a gruesome death.

Below are some pictures of the deer and Grandpa and I. What a special and unique day! I’ve also included some trail camera pictures of the bucks just days before they were shot! Check out the video for a little video from the day. ¬†We feel blessed to have witnessed such a rare occurrence!