Deer Hunting Podcast: Intro – 5 Late Season Deer Hunting Tips


Big news! Today I am rolling out the first deer hunting podcast by This podcast is going to be weekly downloadable audio that is dedicated to just deer hunting and – will be soon be indexed in all of the major podcast directories – so you can access it anywhere and everywhere – even on your smart phone!

This session isn’t very long – I just give a brief intro to what will be happening on the podcast and then cap it off with 5 late season strategies to put a deer in your truck still this season! 

Show Notes:

The Deer Hunting Podcast can be found in ALL major podcast directories. Including Zune, Stitcher, Blackberry and iTunes.

Find the Deer Hunting Podcast in iTunes, here. 

Coyote call I use to bump deer off the field on evening hunts. 

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