Trail Camera Captures Thief!

Most of you know I get (or have) a chub over Reconyx trail cameras. Mostly because they are faster than Seabiscuit, but also because they are more dependable than Sportscenter.

Reconyx trail cameras, or trail cameras in general are more versatile than just setting up in the woods for game. You can use them for surveillance and documentation as well. I’ve even heard of companies using them to make sure employees come in on time! I completely trust my Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 in every situation I can throw at it. I’m currently testing the Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 for review, but it looks like it will be the same, or better that the Reconyx HC500.


My parents live in a town called (I’m not going to tell you.) ——-, — and have been having problems with their hummingbird feeder. Something had been knocking it over after dark, so when I was visiting my family this past weekend (sweet of me, I know!) I brought up the trail camera for Mom. Now my Mom is a wonderful woman, with talents galore. But I wanted to see if she could setup the Reconyx trail camera, alone, without my help. The Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 is so easy to setup, I didn’t have too much doubt.


Well she set it up, without any trouble, phone calls, or texts! And here is the culprit.

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