Trail Cameras That Send Pics To Email

The world is evolving, and the funny thing about technology, is that it brings the outdoors, indoors. One of the more developing pieces of trail camera technology, is trail cameras that send pics to email.

Think it would be nice to have your trail cam pictures sent to your computer for those turkeys and whitetails during bad weather, or when you’re strapped for time? Emailing trail camera pictures to email is a quicker, more “real-time” approach for todays trail camera owners.

There are two ways you can have your trail camera send pics to email. It can be done through public networks (cell phones) , and private networks.

There are two make issues with trail cameras that send pictures to your email:

1) Cost. It is very expensive to have these pictures emailed to you. For the public networks, it often comes in the form of a monthly bill. Much like a phone bill, or internet charge. These are likely in the range of $15-$30 a month. If you are on a private network, the costs are extraordinarily high up front. You have to pay for the equipment and setup, and even then you are not guaranteed a bulletproof system. The cost of the private system, is a few hundred dollars, all the way up to a couple thousand – depending on the setup.

1) Range.If you have a cellular connection – you need cell phone service at your camera. While OK is some situations – this is not overly ideal for obvious reasons. If you are on a private system, you need to have the camera located in an idea position for best communication -like on top of a ridge, or next to a field. There are also reports that vegetation can cause hiccups in your system – which again is not exactly beautiful.

Three companies that have entered the trail camera pictures emailing game are:

Scoutguard Trail Cameras – Scoutguard SG580. This camera is on the lower end cost wise, and is very new to the scene – so we don’t have much feedback on that, yet.

BuckeyeCam Trail Cameras – BuckeyeCam Orion and the BuckeyeCam Orion XIR are trail cameras that work off a private network. These are very expensive, but seem to be the most popular in the wireless trail camera realm, for the time being.

PixController Trail Cameras – Raptor Wireless System trail camera is, again new to the wireless trail camera game. These wireless trail cameras are very expensive, but do not cost as much as the BuckeyeCam trail cameras. Depending upon the setup, it can be done fairly reasonable, but I have net hear of someone that is truly satisfied.

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