Trail Cameras That Send Pictures to Phone

2012 is upon us, and the technology revolving around trail cameras is ever-changing. I suspect this list will only grow, but for now I am going to list and link you to trail cameras that send pictures to phone and email. There are numerous advantages to having trail cameras sent to your phone or email. The two biggest, in my opinion are:

1) Less disturbance of hunting area. This is a big deal because deer – especially mature deer are not very accepting of human disturbance in their core areas.

2) Cost savings and convenience for absentee landowners. Let’s say your property is 120 miles away (2 hours, roughly). You drive a truck that gets 15 miles / gallon.  Gas, on average will cost you $3.25/gallon.

120 miles divided by 15 miles = 8 gallons of gas.

8 gallons of gas times $3.25 = $26.00 a trip

Let’s say you want to check your trail cameras every 2 weeks. That’s 26 trips times $26/trip

26 trips x $26 = $676

Those are just your “hard costs”. Not counting wear on your vehicle, or your personal time and inconvenience. So, as crazy as it may seem – paying $20/month or in some cases more, is not a horrible investment. Crunch the numbers to see if it is right for you. Another thing that you need to factor, is theft, or trespassing. With many of these trail cameras you may actually be able to alert a neighbor or authorities while the idiot is on your property!

Reconyx doesn’t yet have a wireless unit that sends trail cam pic to phone or email. But I bet that changes soon.

Some trail cameras that send pictures to your email or phone include:

1) Wildgame Innovations YN1 Trail Camera

2) Smart Scouter Black Ops 940

3) Spy Point Live Cellular Camera

4) Covert Special Ops Trail Camera

5) Buckeye X7D Wireless Trail Camera

6) Buckeye Orion XIR Wireless Trail Camera

7) Buckeye Orion Wireless Trail Camera

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