Millennium M25 Hang on Tree Stand Review

Today I’m are going to review the Millennium M25 Hang on Tree Stand. I bought a few of these awhile back and hung them on a farm I’ll be chasing whitetails on this coming Fall.I did a fair amount of research before choosing this Millennium tree stand, and I am more than happy with my decision.  This is a cheap and light tree stand that is not short on features – the ease of use is amazing. Watch the video below for a full video review.

Millennium M25 Tree Stand Specifications

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Platform Dimensions: 25″ Wide and 30″ Deep

Tree stand weight: 17 lbs.

Seat Height: 17″

Seat Size: 20″ Wide and 17″ Deep

Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty

Number of Straps To The Tree: 2 Straps – 1 Ratchet and 1 Cam Lock

Material: Steel

Assembly Required: Yes

The Company

I have (and continue to hear) heard a ton of great things about the Millennium Tree Stands. Their tree stands are known in the industry for being extremely comfortable. The Millennium M100 is known for this. Folks who have sat in them constantly say they are the most comfortable treestand on the market today. The M100 made them famous – and now they are adding more products to their line with great hang on tree stands, ladder stands, tripods and tree stand accessories. The also have an unrivaled 3-Year Limited Warranty that is a big plus. Ideally you’ll never have to use it – but it is nice to know you have it! I ordered 7 Millennium M100s and 7 Millennium M25 tree stands and am impressed with both.

I actually had a small problem with the M25, and contact their customer service folks. I got an email response the same day – and a call from the National Sales Manager the next day. That is service! I have great comfort that if I ever have questions or troubles – I will be treated with incredible quickness and care. That is worth a lot to me.

These are the posts that the ratchet strap loops go around to secure to the tree.

M25 Hang on Tree Stand – The Good

The M25 tree stand  is jam packed with features for the price. At only $100 – I think it is the best tree stand on the market for under $100. It packs flat, and is comfortable to carry. At only 17 pounds – it doesn’t bog you down with weight to or from the tree stand. The seat flips up, to give you more room, and allows for easier shots behind the tree -a big bonus for those of us who like to hang our tree stands on the back of the tree.

The tree stand is also a good, mellow green color. Some people might now think this is a big deal – but I do. It really blends in well from the human eye – a good thing! The fact this stand utilizes two straps to attach to the tree really gives it a rock solid attachment and you will feel extremely secure. They attach to the tree very quickly and without a peep. That said – I have not tested it in cold or wet conditions yet. Only time will tell!

Finally, the seat is really comfortable. I wasn’t expecting this with the M25 – but it is true. The tight basket seat doesn’t cut into your legs, and it has a nice angle to it that allows the tree to be a great back rest. A lot of the cheaper tree stands on the market have a flat seat  and sucks when it comes to comfort – not the M25 hang on tree stand!

Here you can see the platform layout of the M25 tree stands.

The Bad

Before I get to things less favorable with this stand – let me first say that for under $100 this is a tremendous stand. For that price – you shouldn’t expect to have every great feature of the more expensive stands on the market (But you do get alot of them).

Assembly. Like I stated in the video – there is just something that irks me, when I have to assemble a tree stand after I buy it. 99% of the tree stands on the market are like this – but it is still a small gripe on my part.

Adjustments. There are not many things you can do for angular adjustments with this stand. It is not a huge deal to me, as when we hung them we got every stand situated very level and comfy – but it is still a feature that I would like to see. Again – for the price, I’m not sure I can expect that much – but I’d be nice to have, in case I ever need it. However, most trees are very straight once you get up in the 15-25 foot range – so I don’t plan on encountering many issues with this.

Perhaps the most comfortable stand in its price range!


I am pretty impressed. I think for the price (and even regardless of price), the stand comes with many great features and the comfort level is huge. I haven’t tested or used every stand in this price range for comfort – but I’d be shocked if the M25 treestand wasn’t at the top of the list. Also – with the 3 Year Warranty, what do you have to lose? Highly recommended!

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