Muddy Outdoors Safeguard Harness Review

I have done a ton of things my life that have been deemed unsafe.

Some by my mother, some by law enforcement, and some by folks in public education. I have and had excuses (innocent bystander,  I swear!)  for all of those instances – but I can no longer have an excuse to NOT wear a safety harness while in a tree stand. After owning a Hunter Safety System Pro Series vest, I completely upgraded recently to a Muddy Outdoors Safeguard Harness. This thing is SWEET!

The Muddy Safeguard Safety harness is many things – but bulky and noisy they are not. When I owned by HSS vest, I would not wear it on occasion because I was too hot, the buckled clanked, or the tree strap was a pain in the ass butt.


When people engineer great new products, very often they take schematics from other industries or products, and utilize them in a manner that makes it beneficial to a new market. That is exactly what Muddy has done here. They took a standard climbing belt from lineman, and rock climbers, and employed those helpful designs to deer hunters, in a very useful way. This safety harness has everything you need – and nothing you don’t. There are not many “bells and whistles” on this puppy – and that is why I wear it. Sure, the seat belt attachment to the HSS was neat and simple, but it was also loud and heavy. No bueno.

Below, I’ve listed my five favorite features of the Muddy Safeguard Harness, you can also watch the video below, for a full review of how to use it, and it’s great features.

1) Thing this is light. I mean very light. Just look at it. There is nothing to it. It fits very well underneath, and on top of my hunting clothes. I plan on wearing it both ways, depending on the time of year.

2) Silent. While my HSS vest was louder than my ex-girlfriend after 2 wine coolers, this Muddy vest is doesn’t make a peep. I really appreciate that – not only in the stand, but on my long strolls to and from my best spots.

3) Quick. It’s so quick, it’s not a big deal to put on. Other vests get tangled, and take time. Not this piece of simplicity. Quick and simple!

4) Binocular straps. I thought this was brilliant. Adding the bino straps allows me to have one less strap around my neck, increasing blood flow and my comfort. (insert Viagra joke here)

5) Easy to Adjust. Adjusting this safety harness, is a cinch – literally. Very quick, and again simple.


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