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Aaron Constantine was kind enough to do this review on the Starrflight FOB’s. He did a great job, and we wish him the best of luck this coming Fall!

I actually came a cross these Starrflight FOBs by accident. I was trying to do some research on a different product, but you all know with the power of the internet one click you could be in the USA and in the very next click you may be in Japan. Don’t worry… this product is made in America, but its just amazing how you stumble across things while your looking for something completely different.

As I mentioned, I was looking for a different product when I happen to find all this information and web sites leading to something called a FOB. If you’re like I was, you are now thinking what the ‘H’ ‘E’ ‘Double Hockey Sticks’ is a FOB? With a couple more clicks of the mouse I learned that FOB stood for Fletching Only Better. Ok, something to do with bow hunting obviously…I was interested! I ended up on their web site and did some more reading and research. The wheels started turning. After spending a fair amount of time on the website I turned to my trusty friend, and typed in FOB. I was amazed to find that others had already been using something that was brand new to me and something that I had never even heard of. Watching video after video I became very curious and interested in this product. So I picked up the phone and called. A man by the name of Paul answered. I soon found out that Paul was the inventor of the product. After asking some questions, I told him that I didn’t think I was interested yet, more or less just curious about his product. I told him that I would call him back if I was ever interested in ordering these FOBs.

Well after about 15-30 minutes of reviewing some of the videos and reading a little more, I was back on the phone and ordered some. My curiosity got the best of me.

Finally the day came that my mailbox quite producing credit card applications and this time had a big white envelope with my tube of FOBs. Knowing that FOBs can only be shot with a fall away rest but also realizing/learning that there may be the possibility of the FOB touching my string at full draw, I couldn’t wait to put them on my arrows and make sure my set up would work with my new toys.

Being that the FOB stands for (according to Paul) Fletching Only Better. I had to cut off the standard vanes that were on my arrows so I could try this product. I read the instructions that came with the FOBs and made sure that I had all the needed clearance. Then came the assembly. I took all my bare shaft arrows (all vanes/fletching removed) removed the nocks, slipped on the FOB, and replaced the nock. Talk about simple, no glue, no boiling water, no fletch jig, no mess. I just fletch a half dozen arrows in under a minute.

Now I will admit they are very different looking from what us bow hunters are used to. It seems as if something is missing, but its not. I looked at my new futuristic looking arrow and thought how is that little piece of molded plastic going to control my arrow. Its smaller in diameter than my fletching was, its only a half inch long, and to be honest its kind of funny looking.

Testing time. Paul warned me that I would be able to feel that FOB on my chin due to the way the FOB is placed on the arrow and how far back they sit. I drew my bow string back a couple times so I could get used to that feeling. The more I drew back the more I began to like the fact that ‘yes’ you can feel the FOB on you chin when you draw back your bow string, but the more you get used to it, the more it actually feels like another anchor point.

I stepped back to twenty yards, drew my bow and got my sight on the target and shot. LOW, I shot low. I shot another one. Almost the same spot but still low. I shot four arrows just to make sure it wasn’t me. All were low, but the group was very nice and tight. I adjusted my sight, went and pulled the group and stepped back twenty yards again. I pulled back aimed and shot. Bulls Eye! I shot again almost touching the first arrow, third arrow same thing. On the fourth shot I noticed a noise at the target but I didn’t think to much of it. I knew it was in that same group. I shot the fifth and final arrow and liked what I was seeing.

As I approached the target I could only count 4 FOBs sticking out. ‘Thats strange.’ I thought. I decided to pull my arrows before going to look for that fourth shot that seemed kind of weird by the noise I heard. I pulled the first two arrows and began to pull the third. The third arrow seemed to be a little harder to pull out. I pulled with a little more force. It didn’t take me long to figure out what the noise was that I heard.

I have been shooting bow for about 20 years. I will say that I’m a good shot, but I have never and will never claim to be to olympic standards. As I pulled on that arrow and as it slid out from the target I noticed that the arrow I thought I had lost was actually attached to the end of the arrow I was pulling out. ‘ROBIN HOOD!’ In my 20 years of shooting bow I have never done that before. I have only actually seen it done one other time and have a hand full of people I know that have the arrows to prove they have done it. Like I said I don’t claim to be olympic material when it comes to shooting and I have never, as I like to say ‘Robin Hooded’ an arrow. But on my 8th or 9th shot ever shooting these FOBs I know they had something to do with it. Sure, I could have maybe done it with regular fletching or vanes, but in 20 years it has’nt happened yet. And on the first day ever shooting a FOB it happens, you bet the credit is going to them.

I did end up going back to 40 yards and shooting the FOBs. I ended up with about an inch and a half group. Thats awesome in my book and by my standards…sure beats the 4-5 inch group I was shooting at 40 yards with my regular fletching. If there is one complaint that I have about the FOB it would be that I noticed they magnify all your mistakes. By that I mean, if you have target panic or flintch on your release you will see it in your shot. The good part of that, is it will train you to take your time and to not rush your shot, and will end up being a much better shot.

If your someone who likes to try something new, or want to have the next conversation piece at your next bow shoot or hunting trip, I would recommend this product. If your looking for something to tighten up your groups, and possibly make your a better shot, I would recommend this product.

I was very impressed with the FOB. I will be shooting them for years to come, and cant wait to shoot my first deer while using them. FOB… ‘Fletching Only Better’ ‘Future Of Bowhunting’ what ever you want to call them, all I know is that they are FOBULOUS!

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By Aaron Constantine of Nocked Up Productions

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