Stic-n-Pic Trail Camara Stand Review

21 minutes 16 seconds. That’s how long I talked to Jesse Hurley about a stupid trail camera stand (turns out, it’s not stupid at all). Earlier that morning, I had gone into a great field edge, looking to hang my reconyx trail camera. Well, it took 10 minutes. And it wasn’t in the perfect place. And, it just pissed me off that I’d spent that much time in honey hole, messing around.

Later that morning, I was looking over the different trail camera stand options, and gave Stic-n-Pic a solid look. I had heard of them before, and was impressed with the design. It looks like the perfect trail camera stand (that’s because it is). I put a call out on our Facebook page, and Jesse quickly responded. Like I alluded earlier in this blog, I talked to him for awhile. As it turns out, we are brothers. I believe we were separated at birth because he could grow a better mustache. But I digress.

The Stic-n-Pic can do everything but wipe your assĀ (for the most part).

This trail camera stand can be placed anywhere, at any angle, on any camera. No joke. Watch the video, it’ll show you everything you need to know. It also is the only trail camera stand in the industry, that can hold two (or more) trail cameras at once. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Below are some pictures I took of the Stic-n-Pic, if you have any questions, please feel free to join their Facebook page, or shoot Jesse an email at

Stick-n-Pic on duty in a CRP field…

The attachment thumbscrew for the Stic-n-Pic…

The height adjustment on the Stic-n-Pic….












A view from above. Helps visualize how the Stic-n-Pic works with two (or more) cameras…




Everything you will ever need in a trail camera stand…

Second Camera Attachement…


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  1. [...] 2) Use a trail camera stand. This is perhaps the most crucial step. I use the Stic-N-Pic trail camera stand, and it allows me to place the trail camera out of the line of site of not only trespassers, but thieves as well. With the Stic-N-Pic stands, I can hide my trail camera where thieves, and animals aren’t looking. Plus, the stands allow me to get great views and picture setups that are sure to catch the folks who aren’t supposed to be there. I use both the Stic-N-Pic Tree Mount, and the Stic-N-Pic Trail Cam Stand. [...]