Big Game Treestands Stagger Steps (Climbing Stick) Review

Today’s review post is on a surprise purchase by myself, in a time of desperate need. The Big Game Treestand Stagger Steps really saved us this past weekend when, we had originally planned on installing over 70 tree steps in less than 2 days time. I found the cheap climbing sticks by Big Game to be silent, fairly light, and rock solid in the field. Those three things are a must for any hunter’s equipment! Check out the video below. (Continue Reading…)

Mad Bass Lures Jig Review

Following up our review of the Mad Bass Spinnerbait, today we have the review of the Mad Bass Stink Eye Jig. If for no other reason, you should like this custom fishing bait just because of the name. However – a closer look reveals this bass fishing jig is jammed full of great features, even the snobby fisherman will surely appreciate.  (Continue Reading…)

Mad Bass Lures Spinnerbait Review – Custom Spinnerbaits

Let’s be honest – not all spinnerbaits are made the same. When I came across the Mad Bass Lure Company, I had to know more. In my earlier life,  I made custom turkey calls, and sold them to turkey hunters across the country – it was awesome. But custom fishing lures? Those are much more unique. I’m pretty sure 1 of 9 rednecks has made a custom turkey call – but custom fishing lures are a rarity, indeed. Let’s take a closer look at this cool company, that makes badass fishing lures.  (Continue Reading…)

NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox App Review

And here we have it, the best turkey hunting app for your iPhone or Android device, brought to you by the leader in wild turkey preservation and conservation. Need tips on turkey hunting? Or rules and regulations for one of the many states you’ll be turkey hunting this year? How about directions on how to score your turkey, or play a box call? Maybe, you even want your phone to have a turkey gobbling ringtone. All of that, is right here in the NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox App. Let’s take a closer look. (Continue Reading…)

Lone Wolf Tree Stand Accessory Strap Review

Does anyone else have problems with the accesory tree hooks for hanging gear on? I do. To me, they take up time, and harm the tree. This past Summer I came across a product from Lone Wolf called the tree stand accessory strap. I’ve seen others on the market like it, and I’m sure some folks drum up something of their own that serves the same purpose. Anywho – I thought I’d let it be known this is a great product, and serves its purpose well.

The Product

The product is basically a nylon strap that adjusts to the size of any tree you’ll be sitting in. It has a few hooks that you can hang your grunt calls, rattling antlers, range finders on, as well as a bigger hook that can handle your pack, or bow. I personally am not a huge fan of screwing in things to trees, and then leaving them. But the fact I attach this strap to the tree both quickly and silently is a big deal. I have no idea how many minutes I’ve wasted trying to attach my EZ hook to trees in the dark, but it is a lot. That frustration is finally gone!

The product is made of plastic, but it is pretty damn strong. I personally don’t see the plastic being a hindrance, because it’s tough, and doesn’t make any noise when I bang it on something – unlike a metal hook.

Ozonics Hunting Hr200 Scent Eliminator Review

Dealing with scent when deer hunting, sucks at best. It is such a pain in the butt to watch all of your P’s and Q’s over the course of the season. What if there was a product, that allowed you to be less cautious with your scent control regimen? Ever been ready to head out the door to hunt, only to forget something inside? Then you walk in the house, grab it, and completely ruin your previous scent reduction efforts? I have done that. Enter Ozonics.  (Continue Reading…)

Moultrie M80 BLX Black Flash Trail Camera Review

Recently I received a few of the Moultrie M80 BLX black flash trail camera and after the first few days, had a chance to review it. Moultrie trail cameras have a known history of manufacturing some sketchy trail cameras, as far as dependability goes. Turning the calendar to 2012 – I was reinvigorated with hope that the 2012 Moultrie game cameras would produce a quality trail camera at a great price. Straight out of the box – I think they’ve done just that!

Moultrie M80 BLX Trail Camera – First Impressions

Having never took the plunge on Moultrie game cameras before, I was intrigued by the design of the black flash trail camera. I believe it to be the exact same as last years Moultrie M80, but obviously with black flash that is supposed to be literally invisible to deer. My first thoughts were:

1) Compact. This trail camera is small. I really like that. I’d be able to fit 5 (if I had that many) of them inside my trail camera bag.  They are easy to hang, and simple to hide. Some game cameras take up a lot of space – I’m not a big fan of those.

2) Simple design. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time – you know I am not blessed with intelligence. Moultrie’s BLX trail camera design is simple and easy to use. I got the hang of it after just a few minutes. (that’s what she said)

3) Burst Mode. This trail camera will take up to 4 shots, right away, and then sit idle for 5 seconds before taking more pictures. I wish this wasn’t the case. Ideally I’d like the camera snapping pictures as often as possible, with no delay. Maybe I’m the only one who wants a camera like that?

Looking Ahead

The Moultrie M80 BLX battery life is supposed to be great – they suggest a battery pack can last 1 year. I doubt that it will for me, because I plan of experimenting with video and rapid shot modes a lot. If I can get a few months out of the batteries – I will be stoked.

The M80 Blx fit and finish isn’t like my reconyx trail cameras. But I wasn’t expecting it to be, either. This cheap trail camera has many of the great features of the more expensive trail cameras out there, for just a fragment of the price. That excites me.

Be sure to watch the video for the full review on how to use and navigate the Moultrie M80 Blx trail camera – this is a really neat little game camera!

Update 5/11/12

I’ve had the Moultrie M80 Black Flash Trail Cam out alot the last couple of months, and it’s been working great. I’m very happy with it. The night pictures of deer are pretty blurry, but it’ll have to do. The black flash video is incredible – very fun to mess around with. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures taken with the Moultrie camera, in the last few weeks.

Here is a typical night time picture with the Moultrie Black Flash. Usable, but not near as good of quality as the daytime (expected).

I’ve been testing on pays to get less blur, and have come up short so far. However, the video mode at night, is incredible. I love it. The way the video mode works on this Moultrie, is the cameras sense movement – takes a picture, then records the video. So you always get both a picture and a video, with each sequence. Neato!

Leatherman Style CS Knife Review

Let’s face it. We can’t hunt or fish as much as we’d like.

All to often, we are stuck working at home, or making a living to enjoy our outdoor passion. Recently, I came upon a product that is helpful for everyday lives. The Leatherman Style CS Pocket Knife, is a great little tool to have in your pocket, on a daily  basis.

The Leatherman Style CS has a number of features that are helpful:

1) Carabiner – Great for attaching to your belt loop, briefcase, or opening that beer at 5 o’ clock!

2) Knife – The knife that comes on the Leatherman Style CS is very sharp, will be perfect for opening boxes, or cutting anything you need on a daily basis.

3) Scissors – I’ve seen the scissors on other multitools…..these scissors are superior, I promise.

4) Nail File / Screwdriver – This tool is small, and great for working on smaller type screws, on electronics or small hand tools. The nail file speaks for itself!

5) Tweezers – Again, ideally you’ll never have to use them – but shit happens! Nice to have if some

Overall, this little tool makes my life easier, and I’m sure you’ll agree. For only $18, you can save yourself some hassle and heartache – just get yourself a Leatherman Style CS!