Justin Zarr – Bowhunting.Com Interview

Justin Zarr

Today, it is my pleasure to bring you one of the many incredible interviews that we have coming up. Justin Zarr is an irreplaceable part to The Hunting Network and Bowhunting.Com’s everyday team. Not only does Justin know how to put some big deer on the ground, he also seems like just a good dude who likes to have fun in the outdoors. Not to mention he can grow a heck of a mustache! We caught up with Justin and asked him some questions about his personal life, Bowhunting.Com, his upcoming season and The Hunting Network. Read on – pretty interesting stuff!


OF – First and foremost – tell us about your mustache, and when we can expect to see it again?

JZ - “Rodney” will be reappearing this November.  In fact – most of the Bowhunting.com Staff will be sporting mustaches in an effort to raise money for Children’s Memorial Hospital.

OF – As one of the many people who know you through Bowhunting.com and Huntingnet.com web forums – I know you’ve gotten married in the last couple of years. How has that been? Where did you mean this poor girl?

JZ – So far so good!  Somehow I conned my wife, Amy, into thinking that marrying me was a good idea.  She didn’t know what she was in for! We actually met back in late 2001 at the Cubby Bear – a bar in downtown Chicago.  5 years later we finally got around to dating and then got married in 2008.  My how the time flies.

OF – You work and help with Todd Graf – the king of The Hunting Network and some of the greatest hunting websites in the world. What have you learned from him, and how is your relationship? Do you suspect he jealous of your mustache? (Continue Reading…)

OutdoorFreaks.net Commercial

This is a short little video that I really enjoyed putting together. It’s probably not as good as I think it is – but it was fun to make!

Has a little bit of everything, and for the most part represents what we are all about here!