Black Flash Trail Cameras – The Best 2

As the sun rises and sets – the world is changing. Technology is changing, people are changing – and believe it or not – deer are changing! Black flash trail cameras are the newest thing in the trail cam world – and I believe they are here to stay. Being there are literally dozens of trial camera manufactures out there today, it is tough for some people to sift through the BS, and find a trail camera that will work well. Allow me.

The benefits of black flash trail camera technology are:

1) Allows the deer to be less spooked by the trail cam – allowing for more natural movements, patterns and pictures (because deer cannot see the black flash)

2) It gives the hunters more confidence because the deer aren’t (or shouldn’t) be as spooked by trail cameras.

3) Allows for better placement of trail camera to catch trespassers and thieves!

The economics of trail cameras (and for the most part, life) is shown in the image below. Are there outliers? Hell yes. The black flash trail cameras I’m about to recommend are not cheap. Some people think it is downright ludacris to spend this much coin on a trail camera (perhaps your wife is in this category).


The Two Best Black Flash Trail Cameras

1) Reconyx HC600 Hyperfire Trail Camaera. Reconyx has hit a home run with their first black flash unit. Reconyx calls this “No Glow”. The Reconyx black flash trail camera is a stellar tool, and I am sure you will love it. I’ve spent months with this trail camera – and it was the most special 6 months of my life. (sappy I know)

2) Buckeye X7D Trail Camera. I have no personally used one. But I have held one in my hands, and heard great reviews from people I trust. Like the Reconyx, this trail camera is not detectable by deer when it goes off. The battery life is amazing, and the over quality is top notch. I have spoken numerous times with Buckeye, and their customer service seems to be very good. Buckeye is also famous for having trail cameras that will send pictures to your email. They can also send pictures to your phone.

The Reconyx HC600 black flash trail camera on my Stic-N-Pic trail camera stand

I am sure people will cry foul, because there are a few other trail camera companies out there making black flash units. They can work, and work well for people. But it is hit and miss most of the time. If you go with another unit – I hope it works flawless for you, and that you can have a pleasurable experience with their customer service team (not is the sexual way).

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