Using Trail Cams For Security Purposes – Tips and Tricks

Trail cameras have come a long way in recent years. Many people who don’t actually live on their property, depend on using trail cams for security purposes. Using trail cams for security and surveillance reasons makes a lot of sense, in that you can “shoot two birds with one stone.”  You can get pictures of wildlife and monitor your hunting property with trail cameras all at once. Some folks even use the wireless cellular trail cameras for security purposes. These trail cameras will actually notify you in almost real time when someone is on your property that shouldn’t be!

One of the best ways I’ve found to use trail cameras for security purposes is to put my Reconyx trail camera on my Stic-N-Pic trail camera stand. It is a great combination that allows for maximum concealment. Not hanging my trail cameras on trees allows me to get better angles, and hide the camera in the brush, out of the eyes of trespassers. However, if you’d like to hang your trail camera on a tree mount, Stic-N-Pic also makes a tree mount for trail cameras (click here).

My Stic-N-Pic trail cam stand allows my to hide my trail camera well, and at the proper angle to catch trespassers and thieves.

Using trail cameras to catch trespassers isn’t real hard, you just need to remember a these tips:

1) Hide the camera. Being blatant with your trail camera placement is not a good idea, unless you are placing a broken trail camera in plain view for the thieves to see intentionally. Hiding the trail camera in a bush or blow down is a great way to catch quality pictures of trespassers. Even high above the line of sight, angled down can be productive.

2) No white flash trail cameras. It is imperritive that the theives or trespassers do not see the camera. For this reason, IR trail cameras and black flash trail cameras are the best type of units for these situations.

This ******* is trespassing on our family property.

3) Proof. Try your best to get a good picture of a license plate either from the front, or the back if you are going after trespassers in a vehicle. Just a picture of a while Dodge truck doesn’t cut it.

4) Endurance. Ideally, you will have great battery life with your trail camera. This will allow you have a lower maintenance security setup, and even be cheaper in the long run. Trail cams for security purposes need to have long battery life. It is a must.

5) Time Lapse or Field Scan Mode.  Often times, a trail camera in Field Scan Mode or Time Lapse Mode will document a violation in better depth. Consider setting up your trail camera 20-40 yards off the path or point of concern, and set the camera for every 5 minutes. This may or may not be a good option for you – but it is something to consider. Time Lapse or Field Scan mode allows you to put the trail camera away from trespasser or thief, so they are less likely to see it, or even steal it.

*Bonus Tip* Place your trail camera so you can see access points to and from your property in the background. I caught this buck (pictured below) getting scared off by a 4-wheeler. If I would have had the camra angled at the corner of the field, I’d have never known the 4-wheeler was coming on my property.

How To Hide A Trail Camera

Hiding a trail camera is a big part of the equation is some areas, where trespassers or thieves are often on ones hunting property  - or if you’re using a trail camera to catch trespassers. Two major things to remember when hanging trail cams to catch trespassers, theives, or even hanging a trail cam to get game pictures:

1) Hang it in the shade. If you think your trespasser is coming in the morning or evening, know what areas are shady, so you can best them, there. Remember to not face the trail camera into the sun, because the sun may blowout some of the pictures, and you won’t get a usable picture.

2) Use a trail camera stand. This is perhaps the most crucial step. I use the Stic-N-Pic trail camera stand, and it allows me to place the trail camera out of the line of site of not only trespassers, but thieves as well. With the Stic-N-Pic stands, I can hide my trail camera where thieves, and animals aren’t looking. Plus, the stands allow me to get great views and picture setups that are sure to catch the folks who aren’t supposed to be there. I use both the Stic-N-Pic Tree Mount, and the Stic-N-Pic Trail Cam Stand.

Here, I’m hanging a trail camera high in the tree using the Stic-N-Pic Tree Mount

But setting up your trail camera can also lead to neat pictures like this.

Not a welcomed sight. Shame on you trespassers!!!

When setting up your trail camera for security purposes – remember some of these tips, and catch those bastards! :D

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