2011 White Knuckle Productions Video School

As you’ve seen from my videos – they need some work. Big time. So, tomorrow I’ll be heading to Mount Pleasant, Iowa to Todd Pringnitz’s house for the 4th Annual White Knuckle Productions Video School. It should prove to be a very valuable tool heading into the Fall, and I’m excited to attend again. I attended the first ever White Knuckle Video School a couple of years ago, and still use what I’ve learned, to this day. The White Knuckle team is a fun group of dudes and should be a great time. I will certainly review what I learned there, and perhaps bring back a video or two.

For those of you not familiar with White Knuckle Productions – check out their websites:



Here is a cool review of last years WKP video school at my buddy’s blog – www.wiredtohunt.com


Everyone have a fun and safe weekend – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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